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Cybersecurity and Network Engineer

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One of the Hottest Digital Careers for This Decade

Digitalisation across multiple industries and sectors is in full flow, accelerated by the need for remote solutions in the age of COVID-19. Embracing new technologies and platforms that come with this digital transformation and integrating with sometimes legacy systems and infrastructure is forcing businesses to put old and new IT security risks across the enterprise front and centre. With the demand for cybersecurity professionals outstripping the supply of skilled workers and the number of cybersecurity job postings having grown 94% in just six years, Cybersecurity is expected to be one of the major go-to Digital skills for this decade.

Information Security Officers, IT Security Specialists, Cybersecurity Engineers and Analysts and Ethical Hackers apply their skills to the identification and monitoring of enterprise-wide security risks. With in-depth knowledge of various cybersecurity concepts such as authentication, confidentiality, integrity, availability, vulnerability, threats, risks and countermeasures, a Cybersecurity Specialist will apply theory and practice in countering cyber threats and implement security protocols across the enterprise.

The major responsibilities of this role include:

  • Planning, implementing, managing, monitoring and upgrading security measures for the protection of the organisation’s data, systems and networks.
  • Troubleshooting security and network problems.
  • Responding to all system and/or network security breaches.
  • Ensuring that the organization’s data and infrastructure are protected by enabling the appropriate security controls.
  • Participating in the change management process.
  • Testing and identifying network and system vulnerabilities.

Some examples of job titles in this career path include:

  • Cybersecurity Engineer
  • Information Security Officer
  • Network Security Engineer
  • IT Security Engineer

Exciting facts about this role


Increase in demand for cybersecurity specialists over the past six years


per annum

The median salary of Cybersecurity Engineer roles


per annum

The median salary of managerial roles in Cybersecurity Engineering

Our Curated Programmes for
Cybersecurity and Network Engineer

Success-proven training and career development programme in Cybersecurity and Network Engineering. Develop in-demand competencies to get a highly rewarding job in this field….
Suitable participants : Suitable for individuals coming from an IT or programming background little background in cybersecurity and networking.
Prerequisites : Possess troubleshooting, analytics and diagnostic skills.

The perks of becoming a
Cybersecurity and Network Engineer

Numerous job opportunities
A wide range of roles across all industry sectors
Working with Big Brandsills
Fantastic opportunities of career progression to senior roles or transition to an AI specialist
Excellent remuneration, with top earnings around £100,000+ a year
Job security since your skills are in demand
Career fulfilment since your work influences the strategic direction and performance of your company

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