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You Could Be Our Next
Success Story

Efe Umolo

Job Title : Data Scientist

Company : British Airways

Enrolled In : Data Scientist Job Offer Guarantee Programme

Mahesh Madurapperuma

Job Title : Data Scientist

Company : Ralph Lauren

Enrolled In : Data Analytics Job Offer Guarantee Programme

Mary Ogunnupebi

Job Title : Data Analyst

Company : Boeing Aerospace

Enrolled In : Data Scientist Career Programme

Dennis Okafor

Job Title : Cloud Engineer

Company : Lloyds Bank Group

Enrolled In : Insight Analyst Job Placement Programme

You Could Be Our Next
Success Story

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I am grateful to Pairview for the incredible journey I started with them. I saw the effects of the Data Science programme quite immediately after completion. I secured an Analyst role with Hertz within a few months and then a Pricing Manager role at Assa Abloy EMEA. I can definitely advise everyone interested in the Analytics field to enrol in their programmes.

Stefano Porciello

Pricing and Revenue Management Specialist

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After university, I got a graduate job and it wasn’t rewarding compared to the prospects Pairview suggested to me for a career path in Analytics. After doing some research, I signed up for the Pairview courses, finished them, and got myself a new job in IT. It’s that simple and straightforward, to be honest. From my perspective it was perfect.

Olayemi Olabisi

Business Intelligence Specialist

I am glad I made the decision to join the Pairview programme. The skills and experience I acquired through this programme gave me an edge in the data analytics world. Now I am moving from a Reporting Analyst to a Senior position, this could not have been possible without Pairview.

Cleo Harry

Senior Information Analyst

The return on my investment in the Pairview programme was above 1000% in the first 12 months after my completion and continued to grow to above 1500% within the next 6 months.

Nedum Obi

Data Science Specialist

I was a retail manager before and had no experience in Analytics. I finished the Pairview programme and then got a Data Analyst role. After 1.5 years, I am joining Ralph Lauren as a Data Scientist. This was a phenomenal achievement for me, and I must give all the credit to Pairview for their education, support, and guidance.

Mahesh Madurapperuma

Data Scientist

Pairview gave me not only the theoretical foundation of Data Science but also practical industry experience. Pairview dedicatedly helped me from end to end until my first employment with a Financial Services company in London. My CV has been sought after dramatically since then. Thank you Pairview for unlocking the job opportunities that I never had after my university graduation.

Naw Nen Chyangmaja

Head of Analytics and Customer Insights

I am glad I signed up with Pairview. I have been offered a job as data analyst through their help. From day 1, I had believed in the programme, no regrets. Pairview helped me through the courses, projects, and recruitment prep. Pairview has a caring team to help orchestrate your readiness towards the market and perform at high standards.

Collins Eze

Business Intelligence Analyst

I registered for the Data Science programme at Pairview. This training has helped me secure a Data Analyst job in the largest Aerospace Engineering Company – Boeing. I secured this job even before finishing the programme. I must commend all the trainers. Without Pairview, I couldn’t have secured the job this quick. The programme is expensive, yet all worth it.

Mary Ogunnupebi

Business Data Analyst

Credit goes to Pairview. No doubt about that. At the core of my Pairview experience is the patience shown by the instructors in helping me gain the skills. There are many ingredients in this comprehensive program for people who want to switch careers or advance further. I got a way-better-than-expected role. I couldn’t have done so without Pairview.

Tawseef Mushtaq

Data Science Consultant

My career growth was getting a bit stunted and I set about looking for a change. Pairview Data Science programme fit in perfectly with my future plans; and the content was exactly what I was looking for regarding industry relevance. I secured a senior analyst position with a reputable organisation and have since progressed further in my career.

Joey Nanta

Data Science Specialist

I discovered Pairview and did their Data Scientist Programme, which was one of the best decisions of my life. I have now been offered a Data Analyst job and I have a new career in IT to look forward to. This programme has literally transformed my life. I learned cutting edge technology and the tutors genuinely care about me succeeding.

Peter Twiggs

Data Analyst

I have gone from a retail background to 3 senior roles in Analytics in a period of 3.5 years. All thanks to Pairview. Pairview has really supportive staff that helped me realize my potential and channel my ability in the right direction. I successfully got my first job as a contractor within a month of finishing my project.

Tawfiq Gbadamosi

Data Analytics Consultant

I am glad I took the bold step to join the Pairview programme. Although I had previous knowledge in some analytics tools, the training broadened my capabilities to the world of Analytics. After completing the programme, I secured a role within a short space of time. A big thank you to the Pairview Team who supported me on this journey.

Dan Adigun

Senior Business Intelligence Analyst

I was an Administrator and this email from Pairview was a sign that’s time for me to do a massive career change. My training was fabulous. All the trainers were very articulate, knowledgeable, and supportive. They supported me a lot through all the sessions. I have received a Data Analyst job offer at a big company. Thank you Pairview!

Cornelia Hanzel

Data Analyst

I must thank all the trainers for guiding me with so much patience. They brought my skills from zero to the required level. Their support has been 10/5 so I am very grateful. I have got a great job offer today, 2 months after completion. I believe if anyone chooses a Pairview programme, they are on the right path.


Data Science Consultant

I undertook the Insight Analyst programme and although the fee was high, it was worth paying for it. The training was so impactful, with hands-on practices and real-life business scenarios. Sometimes I asked them for help with a next-day interview, the consultant tried his best to prep me that night. I am now an Insight Analyst, all thanks to Pairview.


Insight Analyst

After graduating from University, I hadn’t anticipated how competitive the job market was in my field. After some research, I felt Pairview courses were exactly what I had needed to help me gain an edge on the competition. I cannot be more thankful for where I am today and want to give a huge thanks to Pairview!


Predictive Modelling Analyst

The Pairview analytics program helped me transition from Engineering to Analytics and I have no regrets. Their trainers were very knowledgeable and helpful. The entire experience was great. I got 3 job offers from 4 applications, which put me in a strong position to negotiate salary. I have since changed roles with ease and progressed into Consultancy roles.

Lade Williams

Data Science Consultant

Joining Pairview is the most profitable decision I’ve made. Pairview helped me shape my career. I was well trained, my CV was developed, I was coached for all the interviews, and I got a great job. If you enrol in Pairview, your career will be transformed, and you will experience continuous development within the dynamic environment of data and analytics.


Data Science Consultant

As an immigrant without a formal UK qualification (though I had a degree from my home country), I applied for jobs with only rejections. I knew about Pairview and enrolled in their Data Analytics programme. Their trainers were exceptional. I began applying for jobs and got interviews for every application. It was like no time before I got an offer.


Senior Data Analyst

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