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Grace Sinou

With a Masters of Geographical Information Systems and years of experience as a Business Analytics Development Manager, I currently specialize in Big Data and Analytics skills consultancy. My main aim is to close the skills gap, transform careers, and help individuals seize job opportunities in the world’s most in-demand industry. I am committed to the success of my clients.

Shivani Paul

As a computer engineer with an MBA in Information Management, I have gained immense experience in the field of Analytics. I specialise in Big Data, Business Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning, and Data Science. I give recommendations to individuals who are looking to build their career in this field, helping them develop their skills and transform their careers.

Fouzan Rahim

Specialized within the Banking sector with an MBA in Finance, I have accumulated solid experience in Big Data Analytics consultancy. My role is largely focused on supporting individuals from diverse backgrounds and guiding them into the Big Data Analytics market. I advise individuals on the most in-demand skills required to start their career in the world’s fastest-growing field.

Zakiah Hakim

With a degree in biomedical science and professional communications, I have had several years’ experience as a technical career consultant. I am pleased to offer individualised career advice and guidance in the field of big data analytics and AI.

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