Programming Principles and Software Design in Scala

Accelerating trends in the adoption of functional programming and specifically Scala are driving much of the innovation in today’s Big Data applications.
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Accelerating trends in the adoption of functional programming and specifically Scala are driving much of the innovation in today’s Big Data applications. Scala interoperates seamlessly with both Java and Javascript, is the implementation language of many important frameworks, including Apache Spark, Kafka, and Akka and supplies core infrastructure for sites such as Twitter, Apple, the Guardian newspaper and Airbnb.

Ideally at least one year programming experience with proficiency with Java or C# and familiarity using the command line. Experience with other languages such as C/C++, Python, Javascript or Ruby is also sufficient.

Upon successful completion of this course, we expect the delegate to understand and apply design principles of Scala functional programming including libraries and APIs. Delegates will learn how to design and implement Scala programs that leverage functions and state with objects and classes and write functional programs using recursion, pattern matching, and higher-order functions.

•Interactive training classes in 3 days (daytime timetable) or 6 evenings (evening timetable)
•Hands-on practice after the classes with a work-based assignment in 14-21 days
•Access to support by our mentors during the course period
•Pairview Certification for achieving this competency

Learning Goal: This module will enable participants to get up and running with Scala on either Windows or Ubuntu and explain some of the fundamentals of the language as well as key differences between OOP, functional and imperative programming.
• Installation and Java Virtual Machine (JVM)
o Windows
o Ubuntu
…and more.

Learning Goal: In this module, we will go through Scala syntax and introduce participants to how variables are defined. We also cover iteration and looping in Scala and introduce monads and monad laws.
• Running Modes
• Syntax and variables
…and more.

Learning Goal: In this module you will learn about key Scala data structures and data types including lists and immutable data structures, collections and pattern matching.
• Lists
• Covariance and Invariants
• Immutable Data Structures
…and more.

Learning Goal: This module focusses on functions, both as 1st class values and higher order functions and covers key functional programming applications through the use of libraries and APIs. We will also cover state and parallel programming.
• Scala Functions
• Higher Order Functions
• Partially Applied Functions
…and more.

Learning Goal: In this module, you will learn about the importance of data abstraction, hierarchies and polymorphism in programming through the application of methods, classes and objects.
• Classes and Case Classes
• Objects: Singletons & Companions
• Hierarchies
…and more.

Learning Goal: You will learn how to implement Exception Handling to make a Scala more robust and manageable.
• Types of Exception Handlers
• Option/Some/None
…and more.

Learning Goal: This module will teach you how to implement concurrency and the concept of Futures and Promises needed for assign behavior and context to object not yet created at runtime but expected to be instantiated at some point during the program execution.
• Defining the Execution Context
• Implementing Futures
…and more.

Learning Goal: This module will walk you through practical examples on how to implement testing in Scala using several libraries and tools, followed by an introduction focused on methodologies, approaches and best practices.
• Agile Software Development Lifecycle
• CI/CD Pipeline & Continuous Testing
• Types of Software Testing
…and more.

Learning Goal: Our last module bridges the Data Engineering – Data Science gap and trains participants on real-world, big data applications of Scala with a case study for either streaming data or analytical data models.
• Big Data Analysis
• MapReduce and Hadoop
…and more.

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Programming Principles and Software Design in Scala


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