Transform your workforce with relevance and agility for the digital future. Reskill your people to new, in-demand competencies that fuel your future growth.


It’s a race between education and technology. As intelligent systems and machines reshape the nature of work, people will need entirely new skill sets.

But the very skills that are growing in importance are not taught in classrooms. They are acquired through practice and experience. Traditional education and learning methods are ineffective and inappropriate for the new skills challenge. Smaller organizations are most at risk if they cannot apply new learning techniques. The potential economic cost is great.

Reskilling“Leverage The Insiders” – is our proven approach to transforming the workforce to unleash the full power of data and analytics and intelligent technologies and power business growth in a digital future.

Our Reskilling Programmes retrain your employees and develops qualified professionals and specialists in the hardest-to-find skills set and job domains. Our unique Zero-to-Hero Delivery Model take delegates from foundation level in a given technology or skill in through to mastery level.


By investing in reskilling strategies that combine a strengthened talent pipeline and intelligent technologies, companies can expect:

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Revenue boost by 2022

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the proportion of worker time potentially impacted by intelligent technologies



Benefits of partnering with Pairview for reskilling your workforce


We deliver real value to our clients across various industry sectors. Our solutions enable new and enhanced capabilities that are relevant to your sector and needed for your growth and efficiency.

Business Services
Predicting Customer Intent and Lifetime Value
Identifying and Acquiring Quality Leads
Improving Customer Acquisition and Retention
Optimising Prices and Offers
Automating Customer Interactions
Optimising and Automating Routine Processes

Consumer Products and Retail
Better Customer Segmentation and Targeting
Optimising Customer Journey
Enhancing Customer Experience
Real-time Tracking of Customer Behaviour
Optimising Inventory and Reducing Out-of-Stocks
Improving Retail Store Layout and Design

Energy and Utilities
Increasing Customer Engagement
Better Management of Demand
Improving Load Forecasting
Yield Optimisation
Predictive Maintenance
Energy Theft Detection

Financial Services and Insurance
Enhancing Risk Assessment and Management
Better Customer Segmentation and Targeting
Improving Customer Experience
Improving Account Activity Tracking
Business Process Automation
Better Regulatory Compliance

Government and Public Sector
Real-time Insights and Metrics for Government Departments
Forecasting and Departmental Cost Control
Predicting Demand for Public Services and Procurement
Voice of the Public
Reducing Cybersecurity Risk to Public Assets
Policy Search and Track

Improving Treatment Outcomes
Enhancing Patient Experience
Better Management of Diseases
Eliminating System Errors
Better Management of Drugs
Reducing Operational Costs

Hospitality and Leisure
Predicting Customer Intent and Behaviour
Real-time Tracking of Customer Behaviour
Identifying Cross-selling and Up-selling Opportunities
Enhancing Revenue/Yield Management
Optimising Prices and Offers
Optimising and Automating Customer Service

Manufacturing and Automotive
Predictive Maintenance
Automatic Quality Testing
Supply Chain Optimisation
Product Optimisation
Improving Marketing Effectiveness
Real-time Visibility and Insight into Business Operations

Network Infrastructure Optimisation
Preventive Maintenance
Better Customer Segmentation and Targeting
Predicting Customer Intent and Behaviour
Predicting Customer Churn and Improving Loyalty
Optimising and Automating Customer Service

Transport and Logistics
Better Warehouse and Inventory Management
Real-time Visibility and Insight into Supply Chains and Logistics Operations
Resource Utilisation Assessment and Optimisation
Predictive Maintenance
Service Planning and Forecasting
Cost Management and Budget Optimisation


Our personalized, hands-on approach and unique Zero-to-Hero Delivery Model ensures your team is proficient and ready.

A result-driven, tailored programme with measurable outcome

Our in-depth Skills Matrix Analysis and needs assessment identify your team’s current level of knowledge in key areas. Results are used to generate custom learning paths designed to equip your team with the most applicable skill sets. We work with you to develop a customised, end-to-end programme that meets your business goals and requirements.


  • Business requirements gathering
  • Skills Matrix Analysis and needs assessment with each delegate
  • Recommendations of learning paths and programme structure
  • Programme co-designing and customisation

Get job-ready, high-impact skills

Our quality curriculum is designed and taught by industry experts, not academics, so your team learns the high-impact skills that are required for the job purpose and deliver transformational value.


100% of delegates passed their course assessments

4.7+ service ratings


  • Interactive classroom training at the client’s site or by virtual method
  • Hands-on practice throughout the training sessions
  • Access to further materials for self-study and practice after the classes
  • Course assignments are given after the class to assess the delegates’ comprehension and ability to apply the learnt skills effectively
  • Access to support and mentoring by the Technical Mentors during the whole programme period

Gain indispensable experience with our projects

Your team will gain experience by undertaking hands-on projects relevant to your business scenario and challenges. Your team learns and applies new techniques, analyses results, and produces actionable insights. Learn by doing leads to real skills mastery.


92%+ of delegates completed their projects with Merit or Distinction

4.6+ service ratings


  • 1-2 months of work experience
  • Assigned Project Manager for supervision and support
  • Weekly support sessions
  • Project presentation and personalised feedback
  • Unlimited submissions and feedback loops
  • Practical tips and industry best practices

Enjoy seamless experiences and achieve your desired outcome

From co-designing programmes to monitoring your team’s individual progress and offering personalised support, your success is our priority. Pairview manages your entire experience and ensures your desired outcomes are achieved within the timeline.


92%+ of delegates completed their programmes as per schedule

4.5+ client satisfaction scores


  • Dedicated Enterprise Customer Success Manager
  • Regular delegate progress reporting
  • Cohort monitoring and tailored support
  • Regular account meetings for performance review and feedback
  • Outcome evaluation at each milestone throughout the programme

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